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Adam Named the Animals

hummingbird on orange flower


The peregrine falcon, spotted fawn, playful dolphin: all show us different faces of God. A hummingbird smaller than most human fists can fly over 500 miles without resting. Each one visits 1,000 flowers a day and can dive at 60 mph. But according to the UN, more than one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades.


God who made leviathan
To play in the sea (Ps. 104), 
Give us your joyous delight.


Learn five new facts about your favorite animal, like those on the hummingbird. This activity should increase your sense of awe at a Creator meticulously careful with the smallest details. And if God cares so much for animals, how much more does God care for beloved humans, made in God’s own image?

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