Minute Meditations

Embracing God’s Plan

God’s will is written on our hearts and is meant to lead us to a profound peace and happiness, even in the face of trials and sufferings.

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You Can Never Say ‘I Love You’ Too Much

In reciting the Hail Mary throughout the rosary, we participate over and over again the wonder-filled response of Gabriel and Elizabeth to the mystery of Christ.

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Let the Name of Jesus Slow You Down

Let’s speak Jesus’s name with tender love at every Hail Mary in the rosary.

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The Two-and-a-Half-Minute Rosary

Do you have two and a half minutes in your day that you can give to God? This is the beauty of the rosary.

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The Greatest Gift We Can Give God

the rosary helps us be more aware of the soul’s deepest desires, which are for God.

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Do You Struggle with the Rosary?

Whatever struggles you may face with the rosary, never walk away feeling discouraged.

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The Rosary: Something for Everyone

You’ll find something in the rosary whether you’re a veteran mystic longing to go deeper in prayer, a novice struggling to learn how to pray, or someone seeking the Lord’s help

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