Followers of St. Francis

John Young in Africa

Followers of St. Francis: John Young

“St. Francis went out of his comfort zone and physically suffered for the sake of the Gospel; I take a lot of inspiration from his example,” John Young says.

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Father Vincent Petersen OFM Conv

Followers of St. Francis: Vincent Petersen, OFM Conv

Father Vincent Petersen, OFM Conv, a connection with the natural world was there from the start. 

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Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak, OSF

Sister Jane Mary has been spreading joy for more than six decades through her service and art.

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Followers of St. Francis

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Shirley Shafranek, OFS/T

You could say that Sister Shirley Shafranek, OFS/T, was born a Franciscan and that, as her life unfolded, so did her realization that God was calling her to religious life.

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Father Al Hirt, OFM

Followers of St. Francis: Al Hirt, OFM

When Father Al Hirt, OFM, was a child growing up in Batesville, Indiana, the Franciscan friars who ran St. Louis Church seemed omnipresent in the small Midwestern town.

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Followers of St. Francis: Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv

Friar Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv, knows firsthand how impactful woodworking can be on one’s faith.

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Followers of St. Francis: Sister Marie Lucey, OSF

After 60 years, Sister Marie is still working hard for justice and peace.

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