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Lonely, but Never Alone

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The holidays are a time of joy for many. For those who are alone, however, it is simply a season to endure. Don’t take it for granted. Count your blessings while saying this prayer for those who are struggling.


Loving God,
I know the world can be a cold place
for those who are alone.
As we read in 2 Timothy 4:17,
“the Lord stood by me and gave me strength.”
Let me be a source of strength for
those who are lonely.
Let this humble prayer find them
and lift them up to a place of peace.
In this season of good will,
let their fears give way to
the reassurance that your love
is their constant companion.


Share this prayer with somebody who struggles with isolation during the holidays. Remind them that no loneliness can withstand the tireless love of God.

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