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hummingbird on orange flower

Adam Named the Animals

Reflect The peregrine falcon, spotted fawn, playful dolphin: all show us different faces of God. A hummingbird smaller than most human fists can fly over 500 miles without resting. Each one visits 1,000 flowers a day and can dive at 60 mph. But according to the UN, more than one million animal and plant species

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homeless person walking at night

Advance Preparation

Reflect It’s easier to act compassionately when coming from a spacious place than from one constrained by fear. Thus it’s possible to prepare for a petulant person, or difficult situation. Deep breathing, imaging the face of the compassionate Christ or God’s eternal embrace, or remembering an act of compassion, can set the stage for a

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hand reaching for a world globe

Just Like Us

Reflect We often try to stuff or deny our own loneliness or pain. But if we befriend it, we see we’re not the only ones who suffer. A web of compassion connects us with others who are human, wounded, limited. As John Lewis said, “we all live in the same house.”  Pray In meditation,imagine our

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Sunset over the water

Care of Creation

Reflect We need not only appreciate the gifts of earth, water, and air, but learn to care for them.  If we simply fear climate change and planetary destruction, it freezes our creativity. But the good news is that many solutions are already in place, and much practical work lies ahead. Fatalism paralyzes; hope energizes.  Pray

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barista working at coffeeshop

I’m Fine, Just as I Am.

Reflect It’s harder to show compassion if we disconnect from our own wisdom and experience, perhaps rejecting some part of ourselves we think shameful. The key to loving another is the ability to love all of ourselves, being flawed but fully human, whole.  Pray O god, who makes your rainTo fall and your sun to

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The Cycle Repeats

Reflect Scientists who study the brain know that the practice of compassion gives us “feel good” chemicals. MRI scanners show that compassionate mindset and action fill the neural networks with happiness and optimism.  Thus, the cycle continues and success leads to more compassion. Pray Stand within the gaze of Jesusas he looks steadily at the

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