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Lonely, but Never Alone

Reflect The holidays are a time of joy for many. For those who are alone, however, it is simply a season to endure. Don’t take it for granted. Count your blessings while saying this prayer for those who are struggling. …

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Our Lady of the Seven Joys

Reflect Our Lady has seven sorrows, but we also celebrate her seven joys. These include: the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Birth of the Lord, the Adoration of Jesus by the Magi, finding Jesus in the Temple, the Resurrection, and the …

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A Day of Honor

Reflect Once a year we set aside a day to honor those who have sacrificed their lives as part of their military service. We honor those who died in combat but we should also honor those whose minds and spirits …

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Universal Mother

Reflect None of us would be here without mothers. And there is no better mother or role model than Mary, whose love for us knows no language or physical barrier. Think for a moment how lucky we are to have …

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Befriending the Wolf

Reflect Francis of Assisi befriended a wolf that had threatened the townsfolk of Gubbio. He challenged the townsfolk to befriend the wolf, who responded to their friendship by being their friend and protector for the remainder of his life. Being …

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God Works in Secret

Reflect Today reflect on a passage from Henri Nouwen, “Whereas the way of the world is to insist on publicity, celebrity, popularity, and getting maximum exposure, God prefers to work in secret…in God’s sight the things that really matter seldom …

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On Protest

Reflect Jesus was a radical who engaged in public protest in an effort to reform the Judaism of his time. He spoke out on behalf of the poor, the migrant, the outsider, encouraging us all to embrace the marginalized. His …

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