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Befriending the Wolf

Reflect Francis of Assisi befriended a wolf that had threatened the townsfolk of Gubbio. He challenged the townsfolk to befriend the wolf, who responded to their friendship by being their friend and protector for the remainder of his life. Being an instrument of peace can transform enemies into friends and partners. Where do you need

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Woman walking on path

It Will Be Solved in Walking

Reflect St. Augustine once said, “It will be solved in the walking.” Moving our bodies energizes our minds and spirits and awakens us to new perspectives. When we move our bodies, our spirits move as well! Moving our bodies connects us with the earth and affirms our own embodiment. God is with you on the

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Spiritual Decluttering

Reflect Many of us have too many possessions and too full a schedule. We need to eliminate unnecessary cumber, so that we are not possessed by our possessions. We need to prune our schedules so we have more time for rest and reflection. Spiritual decluttering frees our calendars and spirits so that we will have

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Prayerful Protesting

Reflect Howard Thurman, Oscar Romero, and Dorothy Day, inspired by their encounters with God, decried the injustices they witnessed. Spirituality expands our empathy and awareness of others’ pain. It inspires us to challenge everything that hurts those around us, most especially institutional, governmental, and economic injustice. Loving God leads to caring for the “least of

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Black man praying

Responding with Compassion

Reflect  From time to time, someone says something that hurts my feelings or elicits feelings of anger. I am tempted to say something to put them in their place. Then, without being a doormat, I pause and pray, asking whether their words have a ring of truth to them. Even if their words were gratuitous

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Birds and clouds

Eyes on the Prize

Reflect Stephen Covey once counseled that we should begin with the end in mind. We should consider what we really want to happen in every situation. We should consider how we might contribute to the wellbeing of others and ourselves and act accordingly. Let us act with intentionality to bring peace on earth and good

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