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On Protest


Jesus was a radical who engaged in public protest in an effort to reform the Judaism of his time. He spoke out on behalf of the poor, the migrant, the outsider, encouraging us all to embrace the marginalized. His protests, especially against the establishment, got him killed.

Is there such a thing as Christian protest, i.e., a way of protesting that is consistent with principles of Christian living? A key Christian principle is to hate the sin while loving the sinner. This would be a cornerstone of Christian protest — to stay focused on the issue while not being side-tracked by personalities or by a less-than-Christian response from the other side. Christian protest would also need to be guided by a mutual effort to maintain respect and to listen. Only by listening can we establish meaningful dialogue.

We must always balance our righteous anger by the command to love our enemy, probably Jesus’ greatest challenge. Yet if I allow my anger to consume me, then I am no better than protesters who name-call and assault in the name of so-called Christian principles.


Lord, grant me the wisdom to speak out against injustice. Whether I write letters, make donations, or march in marches, help me to speak Your truth in a manner that honors Your command to love my enemy.


Identify those social issues that matter to you and spend some time in prayer discerning how you need to respond.

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