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Handling Post-Abortion Guilt

I have had two abortions. My friend at work told me that the Catholic faith can help me with the massive guilt that I feel. Please tell me how.

Thanks for writing. You are not alone in realizing that an abortion has lingering psychological effects for many people — mostly women but also for men. God gives life to born and unborn humans.

The best-known Catholic group offering help to people in your situation may be Project Rachel, founded in 1984 by Vickie Thorn, a Milwaukee wife and mother who reached out to a friend who had an abortion.

At, you can find resources and contact information (including a helpline at 888-456-4673). If you first want to learn more about them, go to and search for Project Rachel, the group’s original name. There you will find live links to an interview with Vickie Thorn, several “Ask a Franciscan ” Q and As about abortion and forgiveness, and other resources. There are also other Catholic pro-life ministries.

Rachel’s Vineyard is another post-abortion ministry. Contact it through or 888-482-5433.

Your friend was absolutely correct. The Catholic Church can help you deal with your abortions. May the God of life be your strength and your healing.

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