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Dear Reader: A Relatable Mary

When I visited Assisi a few years ago, one of the things that struck me was a painting of Mary that I saw at Greccio. The image is of Mary breastfeeding Jesus. As a mom, it filled me with joy to see an image of the Blessed Mother doing something that many mothers do on a daily basis. The image broke Mary out of the iconic mold in which I was always used to seeing her. Suddenly, Mary was relatable.

That is why Holly Schapker’s images of Mary in this month’s article “Mary, Our Muse ” are so compelling. Each one presents an image of Mary to fit the vari-ous ways in which people see our Blessed Mother. Schapker also provides a walk through her inspiration behind the images, as well as reflections on what is being portrayed, offering both a visual and spiritual treat.

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