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Dear Reader: Let Us Pray

When asked once how important prayer is in our daily lives, Pope Francis’ message was short but emphatic: “How powerful it is! May we never lose the courage to say, ‘Lord, give us your peace.’ “

We agree—and so does science. Studies show that prayer can regulate our heart rates, lighten our moods, and increase our life spans. Even more importantly, prayer and meditation can bring us to a place of authentic peace. And considering what we endured in 2020, peace of mind has been elusive.

We at St. Anthony Messenger would like to remedy that. Starting with this issue, we’re launching a new column called “Let Us Pray. “ Four authors will take turns writing it month to month. They offer a variety of voices and life experiences, but their core mission with this column is the same: to share their experiences with prayer so that we, too, may deepen our own prayer lives. In fact, Deacon Art Miller, whose profile you’ll find here, is one of the featured authors of this column.

We hope that “Let Us Pray “—indeed, everything you read in St. Anthony Messenger—will bring you peace.

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