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Dear Reader: God’s Grandeur

For college graduation, my parents bought me a 35mm camera, which wasn’t cheap. I always had an interest in photography, and I was determined to better my skills with this new device. Like so many interests in my life, however, it didn’t last. The moment my skills plateaued, I gave up. It’s currently encased in a layer of dust in my closet. (Sorry, Jim and Carole.)

Though my career in photography was short-lived, I still admire those who see the world around us differently than I do. It’s a gift that all visual artists have—and it’s something I’ve envied my entire life. They see beauty in things my eyes too easily pass over. They not only live in the present moment, but they can capture it on film, a computer screen, or a canvas to share with the world. It’s a wonderful gift.

Click here for Susie Forrester’s photo story on the beauty of creation. With her camera, she captures the majesty of the world around us in ways the naked eye cannot. “As a body of work, I hope something resonates with the viewer, ” Forrester says, “a feeling within that speaks to them of the sacred connection we all have to one another through our shared humanness. “

Speaking of beauty, you might notice that the magazine in your hands looks different. Thanks to the good work of our art director, Mary Catherine Kozusko, and Mark Sullivan, Franciscan Media’s creative director, St. Anthony Messenger has been given a complete visual refresh. It’s our first redesign in over four years, and we feel these changes bring new life to the words and images in these pages.

We hope you have a blessed Easter!

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