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Dear Reader: Thank You, Maureen

Three years ago, Franciscan Media offered a seven-day blog and video series on the Virgin Mary. I was tasked with finding a writer. I needed a voice that was authoritative but warm—and quickly. No easy mission! In the 11th hour, a colleague suggested that a good friend of his, Maureen O’Brien, might fit the bill. We engaged her, and she agreed. Not only did Maureen succeed in providing a truly immersive Marian experience for our online audience, but it was the start of a flourishing professional relationship between us.

Maureen is a formidable talent—though she doesn’t write with a heavy pen. She’s inclusive, holistic, relatable. See for yourself here. In her Easter story, Maureen writes about the power of miracles and how they impact our spiritual lives. We think you’ll enjoy her writing and her perspective. And because she’s so intrepid, Maureen also wrote a new book for Franciscan Media, What Was Lost: Seeking Refuge in the Psalms, about how these biblical poems helped her weather life’s greatest storms.

We at Franciscan Media are thankful that she trusts us with her writing. And we at St. Anthony Messenger are thankful for you, our readers. We’re glad to be with you on the journey.

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