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The Garment of Praise

Advent wreath with candles


Advent is a season of waiting. The Lord is developing and preparing us through the waiting. Let’s thank Jesus for the season of joy and light ahead, and let’s thank the Lord for the miracles to come. Let’s wrap the Emmanuel in the garment of praise.


Thank you, Jesus.
We praise your mercy, your love, and your light.
We thank you Jesus for these miracles, for these rays of hope.
We thank you Jesus for our gifts.
Allow me to linger with you,
especially in the season of waiting.
Allow my heart to praise your most holy name,
Emmanuel, God with us.


In your prayer time today, put your laundry list, intentions, and needs aside. Allow his name to flood your heart and mind. Repeat his name over and over with a mind of love. Embrace Jesus with praise.

Minute Meditations

3 thoughts on “The Garment of Praise”

  1. Lord Jesus you are King of my Heart. You Bless me in so many ways that I feel like a spoiled child.
    Thank You Almighty for being my inspiration, my light and my true guidance for this journey I am on.

  2. iaskedthe lord to let me have a productive season of growth this
    a few days ago my son was standing beside his car with the door ajar a s he reached for something inside. the door is damaged; my son does not have a scratch on him. We believe the other vehicle went right through his body—did an angel take his place? Praise the Lord !!! Many thanks to the Lord. Amen —-Cathy

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