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Morning Birds

Grey and yellow bird on a branch


Today, before checking your email, your phone, and connecting with the outer world, can you start your day noticing the simple, nearby joys already here?


Morning birds, let me hear you.
Morning birds, you, too, must know God.
Because you begin to call out the precise moment that night tips toward day.
You’re the first to declare the end of the darkness has begun. 
Morning birds, I can’t always see you there. 
But you connect everything with your songs, 
Reminding us how we are together in this world.
Morning birds, you sing for us all:
The raindrops, beginning to tap upon the window,
The underside of leaves swishing, flipping open in the wind.


Can you take some time to listen to the sounds of nature in your world—the swoosh of leaves, the bend of branches? Stop and listen, even if you are in a parking lot or on a city street. There’s beauty everywhere, calling to you.

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1 thought on “Morning Birds”

  1. Thank you Maureen for reminding us that God speaks to us in the beautifully simple works of nature all around us everyday.
    Sometimes the simple ways are the best ways!

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