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A Brief Pause

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Yesterday, we mourned Christ’s death. Tomorrow, we will celebrate his Resurrection. Today, we pause somewhere in between. Taking a brief pause in our lives isn’t something most of us are comfortable with or used to. We convince ourselves that there’s always something that needs to be done right now. In fact, some people view rest as a bad thing. But it’s not. It’s simply an opportunity to clear our minds, hearts, and souls and reset ourselves for what’s next to come.


as we await your Resurrection,
help us take this moment
to stop and take a breath.
Help us to reset ourselves
so that we can become
reenergized in order to
move forward and spread the
Good News to all those we encounter.


No matter what you have going on today, you can at least take five minutes to sit and embrace the quiet and stillness. Focus on your breathing and just listen to the sounds around you.

Guided by Saints journal

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