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Our Gift of Service

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“Trust in God; trust in God.”—Bl. Solanus Casey 

If Solanus Casey demonstrated anything, it’s that holiness can be found in the simplest of actions, such as just listening or talking to people. How would you describe holiness?

Bl. Solanus is a great example that there are many avenues and ways one can be a witness to people. He was not allowed to preach or hear confessions, but in his work as a porter and sacristan, he still ministered to many. In your life, what are some avenues that offer you a chance to serve others? 

Has there any been a time that someone underestimated your abilities to do something? What was your reaction?

 —From the book Guided by the Saints: A 30-Day Journal for Inspiration and Direction 
by Susan Hines-Brigger

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