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Welcoming Afghan Refugees

Inspired by St. Francis, this author reaches beyond language and cultural differences to connect with Afghan refugees resettling in the United States.

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The Election’s Over—Now What?

On November 3, we all have an obligation to vote to determine the direction in which our great nation is moving. We’ve heard the speeches and read the attacks on each candidate.

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Racism Is a Sin with Deep Roots

We often hear people talk about the “sin of racism. ” Books and articles describe racism as America’s original sin. We identify racism with events and actions like slavery or Jim Crow laws. But it’s still corroding our nation.

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Apathy Is the New Deadly Sin

Express outrage, offer prayers, do nothing; express outrage, offer prayers, do nothing; repeat! Sound familiar? This is our pattern after every mass shooting. We hear about a horrific shooting where many men, women, children (fill in the blank) are killed by—depending on if the person is white, black, or Muslim—a terrorist, thug, or mentally unstable individual. We are shocked. The talking heads on TV ask: “How this could happen? “

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