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To the Loud, the Soft-Spoken, the Quiet, and the Restless

Reflect There is diversity in the experience of womanhood. There is stillness and restlessness. There is joy amid grief. There is sacrifice, and there is life. The stories of the holy women who came before, the stories of the holy women among us now, and the stories of the holy women to come are beacons

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A Little Love for Us All

Reflect Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the romantics. And though this holiday has been commercialized repeatedly, the true meaning of this day is more powerful than any gift, bouquet of flowers, or diamond necklace. Valentine’s Day is an affirmation: We are all worthy of love. Love is not a gift that we have to wait

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Free Us, O Lord

Reflect Saint Oscar Romero was known for his striking homilies that were broadcast on the radio in El Salvador. He often highlighted the plight of the poor and the marginalized, and called for systems and political structures to create space for those groups that they had oppressed for years for their own power gain. He

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You’ll Never Leave Me

Reflect Jesus knows what it feels like to be abandoned, to be cast out by friends, to be left alone to pick up the pieces. He knows this all too well, having experienced this deep wound of abandonment within the Incarnation of his human and divine body. We worship a God who knows our suffering

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Faith Walk on Water

We’ve imagined what Peter must have felt to walk upon the waves and fall into fear, despite his Savior being in front of him. The promise of our faith is that we have not been abandoned.

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The One Who Loves Me

Sometimes we feel as if we’ll never be good enough to be fully loved by those around us–or by God—because shame creeps in and tells us only parts of us are good.

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