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You’ll Never Leave Me

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Jesus knows what it feels like to be abandoned, to be cast out by friends, to be left alone to pick up the pieces. He knows this all too well, having experienced this deep wound of abandonment within the Incarnation of his human and divine body. We worship a God who knows our suffering beyond understanding.


To Christ who was abandoned by his friends:
As I find myself in this place of fear, of feeling alone, with no one around me,
Lord, I ask that you make yourself known to me.
In this space, in this fear, make yourself known to me.
Abide with me, abide with me, abide with me,
Lord, who knows the pain of abandonment.


Today, find and pray with a recording of the lyrics to the hymn “Abide with Me.” Share with God the places in your life where you feel abandoned by others, and welcome God into that space.

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