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Wonder and the Uniqueness of Creation

Reflect Franciscan theologian John Duns Scotus developed the philosophical notion of haecceitas, the idea of particularity or “thisness.” This is an important concept to Franciscans, as the uniqueness of each thing within creation can help us to open our eyes to wonder: to God’s goodness and love permeating our lives and our world.­­­ Pray When

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Divine Thumbprints All Around

Reflect St. Bonaventure believed that there were “vestiges,” or, divine thumbprints, throughout the created order. God created the universe, and therefore the world in which we lived was sacred. God became a human through the incarnation and therefore our very humanity was sacred. One might say that allowing ourselves to intimately experience these vestiges connects

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Called by Name

Reflect During these troubling times, it can sometimes feel like we do not belong. In being disconnected from our communities and the lives we once knew, it is sometimes easy to believe the lie that we are lost or do not have a home. At a time when it is easy to feel separated, may

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Making Sense from No Sense

Reflect On his road to Calvary, Jesus of Nazareth modeled trust and obedience as he suffered. Sometimes in life nothing makes sense. The trapdoor opens and we find ourselves free-falling into darkness. Maybe we feel hopeless or helpless, but trust and obedience can help us to root ourselves in our values, even when we don’t

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