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Wisdom Comes From Age

Reflect Our elders have important wisdom to offer us, but many are suffering as well. Let us pray for the elderly people we know that we may receive their gifts and alleviate their burdens. Pray O God Eternal, may my ears listen to the wisdom of my elders,and may my arms uphold them in their

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Repairing Family Relationships

Reflect Family relationships can be the most joyful ones we have—but they can also be the most strained. May this prayer aid you as you integrate the good with the bad in these intimate relationships. Pray Holy Trinity, you exist in community and have mercy on my imperfect attemptsto live and love in family life.Thank

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Cabin in the woods

A Place to Live

Reflect Basic human dignity should entitle us each to have shelter from the elements and a place on earth to call our own. Housing should be a simple human right, and yet many people around the world do not have a home to return to. The least we can do is remember them and pray

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Uphold Justice

Reflect To follow Jesus is to commit ourselves to justice. This requires inward change more often than we would like and can be a complicated journey. May this prayer help us live the way of Jesus more authentically in our own hearts. Pray Jesus, I sometimes resist when my perspective is challenged,when others cry “injustice”

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Repentance Frees Us

When the ache of our conscience reminds us that we are not right with God, may humility lead us to repentance.

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