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Forgiveness 101

Reflect Forgiveness is one of the most foundational teachings of Christian theology. However, it is one of the most difficult to live out and practice in our daily lives. Two ways to grow in the way of forgiveness are grace and desire. Pray Jesus our Brother,Pour out your grace on me to help forgive those

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God Calls Us to Be Woke

Reflect To be “woke” is a term derived from the civil rights movement—it is an invitation to be alert of our own hidden prejudices and biases. Our faith also calls us to be “woke.” To be “awake” as a Christian means living and walking in the light, to stay awake and alert to the presence

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Find the Common Place

Reflect Jesus came to the well on a hot day, tired from his long journey. Encountering a Samaritan woman, he began to tell her personal, private details about her life that no one else knew. She came to see him as a prophet—a holy man—until Jesus revealed himself as the Messiah. The experience of Jesus

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Holy In a Different Way

Reflect Sometimes life goes much differently than we hoped for or imagined. Divorce is one of those painful experiences many Catholics and others do not anticipate will touch their personal lives. While divorce is never an easy decision–even if it is the right one–God does not hate families of divorce or the choices divorced people

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Be a Peacemaker

Reflect The familiar hymn “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace,” is often associated with the life and ministry of St. Francis of Assisi. The virtue of peace is one that our world, families, Church, and work environments desperately need. Pray Oh, Prince of Peace, show me what it means to be a true peacemaker

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Incarnational Waiting

Trust in the slow work of God. If we try to control our lives, we will never be at peace. Wait with openness and unclench your fists. Without grasping, receive fully what God has for you.

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