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Words Can Make a Difference

I TALK TO MYSELF. I think we all do a little bit, at least in our heads. I don’t think it’s weird; it feels necessary. When I started my clothing business, I began recording myself on my laptop’s webcam anytime something new or exciting would happen. Sometimes, I would talk through a design I was making. Other times, I would film myself during the checkout of my biggest inventory purchase, when I was packing an exciting order, or right before my first in-person sale event. You get the idea. 

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Combating Fear with Faith

We live in a time when young people see, with alarming frequency, peers and loved ones ending their own lives because of forces that convinced them that their lives weren’t worth living. In fact, as of 2018, suicide is the 10th overall leading cause of death in our country.

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W.W.J.D.D? (What Would Jesus' Disciples Do?)

Imagine your best friends hanging out. Think about the things you do with them, the inside jokes you have, the conversations that you’ll never forget, or the days that brought you closer. This must be something like Jesus and his Apostles.

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Following Jesus Through Life's Traffic Jams

I was driving home from Myrtle Beach with my sisters and we came across a heavy load of traffic just as we were passing through the Smokey Mountains. Without traffic, we probably still had four hours left, but with the newfound obstacle in our way, Apple Maps was saying that we had 6 1/2 hours. Oh, the joy! I’m pretty sure that everyone’s patience is sucked out of them whilst in traffic jams, and this case was no different. 

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God Didn't Have to Make it Beautiful

Have you ever felt that overwhelming feeling of peace and awe and God-fearing silence when looking at the sunset engulf the horizon, or waves lap at the shore, or the mountains pierce heaven? 

It’s beautiful isn’t it? Yet, it didn’t have to be. Color didn’t have to be so bright and white didn’t have to be so pure, but yet, it is. Have you ever thought about that? Why is there beauty? What is the purpose of this wonderful gift, and why does it make us feel so good?

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