Prayer and Meditation

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Mindful, Prayerful, Grateful

Reflect In the hustle of daily life, how often do you take a pause to appreciate the now? How present are you in this moment? Let this prayer be a reminder to thank God for the gift of peace in …

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Let Us Pray: The Living Body of Christ

We are, indeed, the living body of Christ, always becoming one in him who is our Lord and salvation.

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Three Minutes with God: The Power of Prayer

We often are deaf to God’s presence, loving inspirations, guidance, tenderness, and mercy because of the noise around us and inside us. Create your own space for silence where you can be alone and quiet today. Let God find you there in the silence.

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Peace amid Uncertainty

Reflect Even the great contemplatives struggled with knowing God’s will. Reflect on Thomas Merton’s prayer, “I know that . . . you will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it.” Pray Dear God,I am …

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Man prays against a wall | Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: Strength in Suffering

Three Minutes with God features hundreds of inspiring reflections and prayers that will remind you to rejoice and praise God. Each day includes a scripture passage, a reflection, and a prayer to revive your spirit.

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Open to Wonder

Reflect Crumbling sidewalks, musical voices, aromas of fresh food, shimmering shadows, bright colors, and vibrant creatures: So much is beautiful! Beauty is another name for God and each place and person offers us a chance to encounter part of God’s …

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