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Wonder and the Uniqueness of Creation

Reflect Franciscan theologian John Duns Scotus developed the philosophical notion of haecceitas, the idea of particularity or “thisness.” This is an important concept to Franciscans, as the uniqueness of each thing within creation can help us to open our eyes …

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Divine Thumbprints All Around

Reflect St. Bonaventure believed that there were “vestiges,” or, divine thumbprints, throughout the created order. God created the universe, and therefore the world in which we lived was sacred. God became a human through the incarnation and therefore our very …

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Sunset over the water

Care of Creation

Reflect We need not only appreciate the gifts of earth, water, and air, but learn to care for them.  If we simply fear climate change and planetary destruction, it freezes our creativity. But the good news is that many solutions …

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