Wheat in a field

The Rich Man and His Harvest: A Gospel Parable

There are 18 parables in the Gospel of Luke. One of the shortest ones contains one of the most powerful messages.

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Jesus and his disciples

How Jesus Avoided Burnout

Jesus set the example for addressing stress and fear.

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People gazing at the stars | Photo by Yuting Gao:

Psalm 47: Called by God, Called by Name

God, my loving parent, made me, cares for me, and calls me by name. It’s up to me to answer the call. 

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Compass and roadmap | Photo by Cherise Evertz on Unsplash

Psalm 27: Itinerary Flexible, Destination Clear

St. Bonaventure urges us to desire heaven, to long to be with God because that opens our hearts wider and helps us keep our final destination in focus.

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reading he psalms | Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

Psalm 42: Longing for You, O God

Whenever I hear the opening verse of Psalm 42, I feel an inner longing for God. The words express for me a contemplative yearning to be one with the God who created me and who is my true home.

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Reading the psalms | Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Psalm 139: Endless Love

When I was younger, I learned a popular slogan that perfectly sums up this psalm: “God doesn’t make junk.”

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