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Sunday Soundbite for December 25, 2020

Nativity of the Lord

Cycle B
December 25, 2020
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I want to tell you a true story that happened on a Christmas Eve many years ago. One of my Franciscan confreres Brother Tim, enjoys celebrating this season so much that we’ve dubbed him “Father Christmas.” Tim credits his love of Christmas to his father.

One Christmas Eve in the 1960’s when Tim was a youngster, his dad piled all the kids into the car to get them out of the house so Mom could make final holiday preparations. As they drove past Sears, Tim’s father suggested a walk through the toy department to enjoy the sights and sounds.

One display attracted everyone’s attention—a huge auto racing set.

As the kids oohed and aahed over it, Tim’s dad suddenly said, “You like it? Let’s take it home!” And to the utter amazement of the children he bought the set, squeezed it and the kids back into the car, and they all drove home. Even today as Tim recalls his father’s extravagant gesture, tears come to his eyes.

The extravagance of Tim’s father reminds me of God’s extravagance in giving us Jesus. Our own Christmas giving is meant to symbolize God’s generosity to us. As we give our gifts–large or small–let’s be grateful that the Father gave us the greatest gift of all.



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