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Why the Push for a Latin Mass?

There seems to be a push to return to the Latin Mass and all its implications. Our parish has become very divided when this was imposed on us with refusal of Communion in the hand, reintroduction of Communion rails, and traditional hymns replaced by Latin ones. Our bishop seems to favor these changes. People are leaving our parish.

Are there no Masses in English or some language other than Latin in your parish? If so, that is clearly grounds for a complaint to your bishop. The Mass is not the priest’s Mass or the bishop’s Mass, but rather the Church’s Mass.

Some people have painted themselves into a corner on the issue of Masses in LatinÑmy way or the highway! There is a Latin text for the latest revision of the Roman Missal. It sounds as though the Mass being celebrated is the one authorized by the Council of Trent.

I think the decisions in the 1980s by St. John Paul II and later by Pope Benedict XVI to extend the use of the Tridentine Mass were well-intentioned but very ill-advised. Under no circumstances can those decisions be considered infallible.

The Church is the living, breathing body of Christ. It has the right to adapt its liturgy as it considers best. Often those who reject Mass in any language other than Latin are appealing to a “Golden Age ” of faith that, in fact, never existed.

I hope you can find good Masses in English close to you.

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