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What Does God ‘s Word Say About Addiction?

How do you help your child when drug addiction has taken hold of him or her? What does God’s word say about this situation?

Scripture’s most direct comment on this is that people should “live the truth in love ” (Eph 4:15). Everyone should avoid all enabling behavior such as denying the addiction’s existence and should, as in the situation you describe, try to seek the professional medical help that a chemical addiction may require. There are no guarantees of success.

Addicted people are still children of God. They can never forfeit that status although they may forfeit their right to live as free persons if, for example, they kill someone in order to obtain money to feed their addiction.

Society rightfully takes preventive mea-sures to protect innocent parties from the negative effects of a person’s addictionÑwhether it be to alcohol, other drugs, gambling, predatory sexual behavior, or some other type of addiction.

Every addiction initially promises greater freedom but delivers only increased slavery.

All the best as you deal with your child’s addiction. Tough love may not seem like genuine love, but it is.

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