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September 2018

Straight Talk about Suicide

It’s the 10th overall leading cause of death in the United States. Yet few of us know much about it, and fewer of us talk about it. Author and spiritual leader Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, has been speaking and preaching about suicide for decades.

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Young Hispanics and the US Church

The V Encuentro process aims to reawaken the faith and gifts of Hispanic Catholics in the United States.

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Combating Fear with Faith

We live in a time when young people see, with alarming frequency, peers and loved ones ending their own lives because of forces that convinced them that their lives weren’t worth living. In fact, as of 2018, suicide is the 10th overall leading cause of death in our country.

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Francis and Clare Go to College

Students, staff, and faculty at 24 Franciscan colleges and universities in the United States are growing through pilgrimages, classes, and community service.

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The Greatest TV Families

Families look different than they did 50 years ago—and television has reflected those changes.

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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews Eighth Grade, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

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