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Saints on the Wrong Days

Your Saint of the Day Internet feature sometimes has saints on days other than the ones listed on the worldwide liturgical calendar. Why?

This is a very common question. The Catholic Church has a worldwide liturgical calendar that sometimes has two unrelated saints on the same day (for example, Sts. Louis IX and Joseph Calasanz on August 25). For our Saint of the Day Internet feature, Franciscan Media has moved Joseph to August 26 because we seek to have a saint or blessed on each day of the year, except for those that already have an assigned feast of Jesus or Mary.

In fact, most saints or blesseds are not on the Church’s worldwide liturgical calendar! A country or a diocese may have permission to have its own liturgical calendar. Elizabeth Seton (January 4) is on the US calendar but, as far as I know, is not on the liturgical calendar for any other country. Some celebrations are obligatory (Lawrence, August 10), but many others, such as Jeanne Jugan (August 30), are optional.

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