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‘Readings and Homilies Hinder My Faith ‘

How can I attend Sunday Mass when the readings and homilies make me question my faith? I love the Catholic Church, the faith in which I was brought up, the Eucharist, the hymns, buildings, and statues. As soon as the readings begin or the homily starts, however, I begin to struggle with my faith. I want to believe and be a good Catholic. I have not been attending Mass for some time now, but I would like to return. What can I do?

If your faith is fine until you hear the readings at Mass or a homily based on them, is it possible that you are not allowing your faith to grow as you grow? You write that you love “the faith in which I was brought up. ” Is that faith static or dynamic?

The faith you had as a 10-year-old was fine at that time, but you have had significant life experiences since then, ones that must be woven into your faith if it is to be dynamic, growing as you grow, enabling you to be an adult disciple of Jesus.

The Scriptures are God’s unique revelation of God’s very self. A homily is intended to help that day’s readings take deeper root in the lives of listeners. Liturgy is very important in the Catholic Church because it helps people grow in faith as they experience life’s peaks and valleys. It also helps them to explore the parts of their faith that may need to grow. Engaging in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy also helps a person grow in faith.

What can you do now? You may need to consult a confessor or spiritual director to examine your present resistance to the readings and homilies. Your faith journey continues!

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