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October 2019

Dear Reader: Reconsidering Culture

Television, film, music, podcasts, and YouTube color (and in some cases discolor) our faith lives significantly. As a magazine, we want to address that in ways that better serve you, our readers.

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Declutter Your Spiritual Life

As anyone who has ever tried to tame the chaos in the garage or sort through last season’s clothing knows, imposing order on our lives is no easy task. And evidently, it’s not one we do well.

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Becoming a World Church

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature, ” Jesus told his apostles (Mk 16:15). Christianity has been doing that ever since.

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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews Parasite, Spider in the Web, and Don’t Be Nice.

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Why Am I Still Catholic?

During a discussion about spiritual matters, a good friend, a devout Jew who had read most of what I have written about psychology and spirituality, asked me, “Why are you still Catholic? “

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Martin Scorsese ‘s Trilogy of Faith

When you think of the phrase Catholic art, images of Renaissance paintings or marble statues might come to mind. But when you hear or see the name Martin Scorsese, Catholic art is probably not the first association you would make.

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