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October 2017

St. Francis and the Animals

It’s hard to separate Francis of Assisi and animals. Stories abound of how this great saint could communicate with animals and felt at one with all creation. Here are a few of the stories that were first recorded by Thomas of Celano during the 13th century.

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Brother Al and the Canticle Café

As the winter winds blow across Detroit again this year, Brother Al and friends will build those relationships, serving food and drink from their carts, bringing warmth, inside and out, to everyone along the way.

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Why I Stay Catholic

I feel the same about my Catholic faith. No matter the anguish, consternation, or unhappiness it’s occasionally whipped up in me, I will never shake this sturdy and glorious faith.

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Ron Hall’s Hollywood Redemption

One’s first impression of Ron Hall is that this Texas-born art-dealer-turned-film-producer has a ready smile and seems always on the verge of laughter. It only takes a couple of minutes while visiting the set of the new film Same Kind of Different As Me in Jackson, Mississippi, to learn that Hall is willing to tell on himself. He jokingly explains to St. Anthony Messenger that it’s a miracle he’s alive.

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Meet the Famous Franciscan Saints

Each of the Franciscan Saints is a living Gospel. They have all, in some partial way, embodied—literally incarnated—the challenge of faith in their time and place, and so opened a path that others might follow. Here we’ll look at some of their lives. But among them all, undoubtedly, St. Francis of Assisi offers a special case, one that we’ll look at in some detail before speaking of his followers.

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