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June 2019

Dear Reader: History, Repeated

In 2003, I attended a gathering of clergy sex-abuse survivors in Lexington, Kentucky, for St. Anthony Messenger’s June special issue on the crisis.

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No More Excuses, Please

This past April, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returned to the public eye in a spectacular fashion.

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A Faith Shaken

I received my first Eucharist from the hands of a sexual abuser—and this has shaken my faith.

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A Priest Speaks Out about Clergy Sex Abuse

In August 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury released a report on clerical sexual abuse in six Catholic dioceses in the state.

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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

A factory produces different kinds of felt dolls, and all of them must pass through quality control inspection. When a doll is deemed imperfect, it is sent to a hidden and remote inlet along the shoreline called Uglyville.

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