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February 2019

Dear Reader: True Faith is Colorblind

Now is a good time to reflect on our faith and civic lives. To get where we’re going, we have to remember where we’ve been. We’re glad you’re with us on the journey.

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Keeping the Civil Rights Movement in Motion

Like holidays or holy seasons, commemorative months such as Black History Month can fall into the trap of becoming purely symbolic, routine, and thus stripped of their power to transform us. We may even find ourselves a bit fatigued by the repetitive cycles of the calendar year.

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The Top Five Issues Facing Health Care

So what does a Franciscan friar know about the top five issues facing the health-care system in the United States? Plenty, if he’s Franciscan Father Thomas Nairn, minister provincial of the Sacred Heart Province of the Order of Friars Minor.

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Accepting the Invitation to Lent

As we enter Lent, we are reminded that we are “dust to dust ” and “ashes to ashes. “

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The Remarkable Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

She’s been featured in Time magazine and on CNN for her humanitarian work, but her faith, not fame, is what fuels her efforts to rescue abducted girls in South Sudan and Uganda.

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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

Bird Box — Malorie (Sandra Bullock), a pregnant artist, is shocked when her sister, Jessica (Sarah Paulson), comes home with news of terrible happenings in Europe and Siberia.

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