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December 2021 | January 2022

Dear Reader: Changing Seasons

By the time you read this, the year will quickly be coming to an end and opening the door to a new one.

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Let Us Pray: A Plea for the New Year

If we are to embrace the next chapter of our lives with open arms, we need to take time to cultivate a sense of closure from the last chapter.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas

For nearly 600 years, the appearance of the Virgin Mary to St. Juan Diego in Mexico has captivated countless hearts and minds worldwide.

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Senior Moments: Wisdom, Grace, and Courage

A rich treasury of spirituality and service can enhance the later stages of life.

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Statue of St. Joseph | Photo by Saint John's Seminary on Unsplash

A Starring Role for St. Joseph

St. Joseph may not have speaking parts in Scripture, but his role in the life of Jesus—and ours—is hardly a bit part. A film reviewer explores characters that showcase Joseph’s virtues.

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Why We Go on Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages add a spiritual dimension to travel, opening us up to authentic and unexpected encounters with God. Here are seven reasons people make these holy journeys.

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