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August 2018

I (Still) Have a Dream’: St. Francis of Assisi School

During the 50th anniversary of a key year in the civil rights movement, St. Francis School looks to the future in Mississippi.

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At Home on Earth

A Zen Buddhist teacher I know recently shared with me a famous saying from his tradition: “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. “

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Radical Saint, Radical Faith: Clare of Assisi

In every age, a saint is born. Not that someone is born a saint, but there is something about him or her—a characteristic or trait that distinguishes a person. Clare of Assisi is one such person.

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Jesus, the Prophet

If we look at Jesus as human, as his earliest disciples did, it may change the way we follow his teachings.

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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Eating Animals, and Hearts Beat Loud.

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