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August 2017

The Truth about Jesus and Women

Was Jesus a feminist? Some might say it’s not fair to pose this provocative question. One can easily object that feminism is a late 20th-century western idea, and that it is unfair to impose it on a first-century Jew like Jesus.

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The Life and Legacy of Edith Stein

Edith Stein hardly seemed Catholic-saint material. She, a precocious Jewish child, rejected God as a teen at the turn of this century in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland). But even as a child Edith was, at heart, a radical.

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A Franciscan in Syria

I always wanted to study, from a young age and as a friar, but the Lord, through obedience and necessity, has brought me far from my studies. After having finished a licentiate degree in dogmatic theology in Rome, I registered for doctoral studies. My superiors said that I was greatly needed in the Custody, particularly in Syria (where 12 other friars minister).

In prayer and silence, I then made two requests of the Lord: to send me to a difficult place to do what I can and not allow me to see needs that I cannot meet.

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Bridging the Generation Gap

Last December, as he marked his 80th birthday, Pope Francis quoted the ancient Roman poet Ovid to say that as old age slips up on us, “It is a blow! ” The Holy Father laughed as he celebrated Mass with a group of elderly cardinals. “But also, when one thinks of it as a stage of life that is to give joy, wisdom, hope, one begins to live again, right? “

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The Martha and Mary Balance

Lots of ordinary Catholics feel guilty stepping out of the rat race to pray. They often feel as though seeking the peace and guidance of God in prayer is somehow self-indulgent. That struggle is well illustrated by a difficult Gospel story about two sisters from Bethany:

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Midlife Meditation

Growing older seems effortless, I discover, as I suddenly realize that my birthday is only weeks away. I have done nothing to hurry the hands of the clock. I have had no say in how one day melts into the next, or how months melt into one year, and then another.

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