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Welcome to the Ask a Franciscan archives! Categorized by themes, they go back to the March 2013 edition. Each link will open to a flip book for you to enjoy on your desktop or mobile device.


Good People and Bad Things 06/17
Is God Missing in Action? [in times of crisis?] 06/16
Why Does Evil Exist? 12/13
Why Does God Make the Devil So Powerful? 05/17
Why Was Lucifer Created? 9/17
Where Was God? 10/17


Can That Thief Ever Be Forgiven? 01/17
Forgiving the Sin of Abortion 05/16
Has God Forgiven Me? [abortion 40 years ago] 11/15
How Can God Be Both Just and Merciful? 01/16
How Can We Forgive Terrorists? 03/16
How Can I Forgive Him 11/17
Defending My Good Name 4/18


Block under Jesus’ Feet [on the cross] 08/16
Did Jesus Have a Soul? 08/16
Did Jesus Rise or Was He Raised? 02/15
Jesus’ Anger 08/13
Two Questions [Did Jesus die as a Jew; where was St. Joseph] 12/14
Two Questions About Jesus [Judas needed? Blood and water?] 08/14
Uniqueness of Jesus 12/14
Why Was Jesus Baptized? 04/14
Jesus’ Crown of Thorns 10/17
Marking the Spot Where Jesus Died 09/18
Jesus and Slavery 10/18
Good People Who Died before Jesus 02/19


Are the Knights of Columbus Anti-gay? 11/13
Can Married Couples Engage in Oral Sex? 12/13
Changing the Sabbath [by whose authority?] 08/16
‘Consumed with Guilt and Sorrow’ [hit pedestrian with my side mirror] 07/16
‘Did I Do Enough?’ [sins of omission in past] 06/14
Disposing of Excess Goods 06/16
Honoring One’s Father [who deserted the family] 07/14
How Much Is Enough? [I feel too materialistic] 05/15
Hungry People along the Road 04/14
Selling Real Estate on Sundays 03/17
Should I Report It? [income from remodeled, rented rooms] 08/16
Unsolicited Religious Materials 05/16
Caring for In Vitro Newborns 11/14
Dealing with Infertility 05/15
Feedback on ‘Dealing with Infertility’ 10/15
Excommunicated for an Abortion? 03/14
Few Pro-life Homilies 09/14
How Many Children to Have? 05/15
Respecting Life at All Stages [hospice] 12/14
Which Party Reflects Catholic Teaching? 8/17
Handling Post-Abortion Guilt 9/17
‘I Need Help to Control My Anger’ 12/17
May a Catholic Have a Living Will 12/17
Is Filing for Bankruptcy a Sin? 07/18
Change on the Death Penalty 10/18
Hospice or Palliative Care 12/18
I’ve Killed a Lot of People 06/19
Questioning God’s Plan 08/19
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? 10/19
Pedophile Priests Protected 11/19
A Nephew’s Coming Out 11/19

Ask a Franciscan


Does Prayer Change Things? 07/17
Is God Listening to My Prayers? 12/16
‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’ 10/16
Non-Catholic Devotionals [OK to use these books?] 02/16
Praying to the Saints Only 04/16
Same Prayers, Different Responses [why?] 03/15
Who Wrote the Memorare? 05/17
Why Pray for Others? 06/17
Why Pray to Mary and the Saints? 05/17
15th Station of the Cross? 11/17
Why Pray for Grandma Jones 0519


Can She Be Saved? [writer’s agnostic wife] 03/17
Did Judas Fulfill God’s Will? 07/15
In Heaven Will She Learn of My Infidelity? 05/13
Obsessed with the State of Grace 03/13
Only Christians in Heaven? 05/14
Purgatory on Earth? 05/14
Sacrificed for Our Salvation 02/14
Several Questions about Heaven [Where is it? Will my husband know me? Will people I’ve hurt forgive me?] 06/17
Why a Second Judgment? 12/16
Will My Husband Know Me in Heaven? 07/17
Will I Know Him? 09/19
Purgatory Seems Unnecessary 8/17
Outside the Church? 9/17
Staying in God’s Grace 0219
For All? For Many? 12/19


Anointing of the Sick

Moment of Death [when is it?] 04/13
Who Can Receive the Anointing of the Sick? 06/13


A Second Baptism Needed? 07/17
Are Anglican Baptisms Valid? 12/13
Baptizing Grandchildren Secretly 06/15
Becoming a Catholic 03/13
Catholic Baptism? 05/14
Catholic Being a Sponsor in Another Church 01/14
Is That Baptism Valid? [in Anglican Church] 08/14
‘What Can I Do?’ [couple refuses to baptize twin babies] 05/16


Can We Sing the Our Father? 10/14
Eucharist Not Mentioned in Creed 10/14
Eucharist Not Mentioned in the Creed 01/16
‘For Us Men’ [Nicene Creed] 06/16
Francis of Assisi and the Eucharist 10/19
Holy Communion for Everyone? 04/16
Holy Communion without Confession 09/13
Mass Facing Which Direction? 10/16
May Everyone Receive Holy Communion? 10/13
More Participation Needed [at Catholic Masses] 01/17
No Mass on a Cruise Ship 04/14
Not Drinking From the Cup 10/14
Same Eucharist? [National Polish Catholic Church] 04/14
Sunday Mass Obligation 11/14
Tattoos and Piercings [keep me from attending Mass] 11/16
What’s the Difference [Eucharistic Prayer 2 – deceased who hoped for the resurrection and those who died in God’s mercy] 05/16
Why Break Off a Piece of the Host? 12/15
Why the Change? [holding hands at Our Father, fewer people exchanging the Kiss of Peace] 02/14
Why in Greek? [Kyrie eleison at Mass] 07/16
Why Add Water to Wine at Mass? 03/18
Necessity of the Eucharist 03/18
Why Gluten-Free Hosts? 10/18

Holy Orders

Did Those Bishops Sin? [transfer of pedophile priests] 06/14
Response Much Appreciated 06/14
Individual Successors for Apostles? 09/15
Uncaring Priests [are younger ones dismissive of laity?] 01/16
Widowed Deacons [remarriage] 12/14


Banns of Marriage 11/16
Can a Catholic Do a Reading There? [nondenom. wedding] 01/14
‘Can I Come Back?’ [marriage situation] 09/13
Can They Marry in the Catholic Church? 05/13
Declaration of Nullity Changes 11/15
Is She in Good Standing? [divorced, no case for tribunal] 08/15
Only Two Vocations? [marriage or religious life] 06/13
Should I Attend? [granddaughter’s wedding without Catholic witness] 02/16
Why No Beach Weddings? 09/15
Schedule a Wedding 10/17
Jewish Wedding Customs 4/18
Wedding On an Airplane 4/18

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Confessing to a Priest 08/14
Confessing to a Priest [where is this in the Bible?] 08/16
Confess All Venial Sins? 10/16
Forgiving the Sin of Abortion 05/16
Mortal? Venial? [where does this concept originate?] 07/16
No General Absolution? 10/14
No Unforgivable Sin 06/15


Did He Witness Mary’s Assumption? [apostle Thomas] 09/13
Feast Days of Saints 07/14
Patron of Husbands? 03/14
‘They Seem Too Ordinary” [some saints at Saint of the Day online feature] 04/16
What Happened to St. Christopher? 08/13
What Is ‘Equivalent Canonization’? 07/14
Where Did He Get His Learning? [St. Peter] 11/13
Why No St. Sarah? 06/14
Why Two Feasts for St. Joseph 11/17
Saints on the Wrong Days 08/18


‘Catholics Seem Obsessed with Mary’ 07/13
Lourdes and Fatima 10/13
Mary and the United States 04/13
Mary as ‘Mirror of Justice’ 10/15
No Statue of Mary [why?] 09/14
Scriptural Basis Available? [Mary’s assumption and Coronation] 01/16
Two Questions about Mary 04/15
How Can Mary be the ‘Mother of God’? 9/17
Answering Protestant Objections 2/18


Bible Readings at Mass 04/15
Biblical Inspiration 07/13
The Bible and Homosexuality 09/13
Books Added to the Bible? [Old Testament canons] 05/17
Bothered by Biblical Contradictions 03/13
Is There an Official Catholic Bible? 05/13
‘Two-Edged Sword’ 07/18
Who Chose the Books in the Bible? 06/17
Works of Mercy [where they are in the Bible?] 12/15
Why So Few Catholic Bible Study Groups? 09/19

(Old Testament)

‘Dresser of Sycamores’? 10/15
Old Testament Fulfilled by Jesus? 08/15
Psalm Numbers 07/15
When Was Adam Created? 02/17
Why Was Cain’s Sacrifice Rejected? 04/13
Humor in the Old Testament? 1/18
Why Did God Change Names? 2/18
Jacob’s Deception 2/18
God the Warrior? 11/18

(New Testament)

490 or 77? 04/13
The Holy Family’s Arrival in Nazareth 07/13
House of David? 05/15
Imprisoning Debtors 03/13
‘Made to Be Sin’? [2 Cor 5:21] 03/14
The Nicene Creed and Scripture 06/13
Seven Last Words 09/15
Still a Leper? (Simon in Mt 26:6-13 and Mk 14:3-9] 07/16
Understanding Parables 07/13
What Is the Origin of John’s Baptism? 08/16
What Is the Source of These Stories? [Annunciation, Joseph’s dream] 06/14
Why No Mention of Peter in Rome? 03/13
Why Was the Fig Tree Cursed? 06/13
Why Into the Swine? 9/17
What Was That ‘Good News’? 12/17
Humor in the New Testament? 1/18
Limits of Language 07/19

Peace and Good in Troubled Times Book Collection

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Angels [Do Only Christians Have Guardian Angels?] 08/13
What Do I Tell My Children about Muslims? 06/18
What Does God’s Word Say about Addiction? 07/18
Personal Monstrances 7/18
How Can I Know God’s Will? 08/18
The Seven Unities 09/18
Is Agnosticism a Sin? 03/15
Can Laypeople Give Blessings? 11/18


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