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Sharing the Word for September 3, 2020

Memorial of Saint Gregory the Great

September 3, 2020
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Luke 5:1-11 
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Today we see Jesus in the midst of a crowd so large he had to be rowed out into the lake so he could be heard. He tells Simon to put down the nets for a catch. The result is an immense take that almost sinks the boats.

A central element here is abundance. Jesus works a miracle to provide fish for the people–not just a few fish for a few people, but two boatloads–apparently enough to provide for the immense crowd.

Jesus is still generous today. To a world wide community of believers he provides the sacraments, the Scriptures, the Church’s teaching, the companionship of the faithful. It’s as if he can’t do enough for us. We are called to be grateful.

Prayer is powerful!


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