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Sharing the Word for November 12, 2020

Memorial of Saint Josaphat

November 12, 2020
Daily reading from the USCCB: Luke 17:20-25
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Religious Jews of Jesus’ time were looking for the coming of God’s kingdom–to final fulfillment and judgment and reward. They wanted to know when it would come and where it would be visible.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the Pharisees that there’s no point in seeking the time and place of the kingdom. “It’s already here,” he says. The clear implication is that he, Jesus, is the kingdom.

The kingdom has not yet come to its fulfillment. It’s still developing and it still consists in the life and action of Jesus. We can’t predict when or where the kingdom will appear in its final fullness. We can only try to be attentive to its manifestations as we continue to pray “Thy kingdom come.”



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