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Sharing the Word for May 4, 2021

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

May 4, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 14:19-28
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Paul and Barnabas now retraced their steps to Antioch in Syria where they had begun. On their way they offered encouragement and instruction to the Christian communities in Lystra and Iconium and Antioch in Pisidia. They identified elders to provide leadership for them.

When they arrived at Antioch in Syria they reported to the Church all that had occurred on their journey. They had established communities of faith everywhere. Most important of all, it had become clear that Gentiles could be received into the community of Jesus. You didn’t have to become a Jew in order to be saved.

The Church had reached an important point in its early life. But the full implications of the journey of Paul and Barnabas remained to be seen.


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