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Sharing the Word for May 28, 2021

Friday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

May 28, 2021
Daily Reading From the USCCB: Mark 11:11-26

Jesus looks for fruit on the fig tree but there is none. It wasn’t the season for figs yet. Jesus curses the fig tree, calling for it to become fruitless from now on. Next day when Jesus and his disciples are passing by again, they see that the fig tree is totally withered. Jesus’ curse has been fulfilled.

When Jesus calls for fruitfulness he expects to find results. It may not be time for results, but Jesus’ expectations are more compelling than the natural seasons. Scripture scholars tell us that the fig tree is a symbol of Israel. God has the right to call for fruit from his people whenever he wishes.

If the Lord looked for fruitfulness from us today, what would he find?

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