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Sharing the Word for May 11, 2022

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

May 11, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 12:44-50
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Jesus continues to invite his hearers to believe in him. Accepting Jesus involves believing in the Father. To accept what the Father sent Jesus to proclaim brings with it eternal life. Those who accept are in the light– delivered from darkness.

Refusal to accept the word of Jesus and the Father brings condemnation. Its not that Jesus sets out to condemn the one who rejects his word. Jesus is not here to condemn. Its rather that rejecting his word itself constitutes condemnation. Condemnation is not so much an action of God as a choice of man.

We each have a fundamental choice to make between light and darkness. And we make that choice by the way in which we relate to Jesus today.

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