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Sharing the Word for February 25, 2023

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

February 25, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Isaiah 58:9b-14

This reading is a continuation of yesterday’s. We heard the Lord saying that what really counts is care for our neighbor in need. That’s what’s pleasing to God. These themes are in today’s reading in an “if – then” structure.

First about our neighbor: if we feed the hungry and do away with injustice, then God will guide us and bring us to prosperity and security. Next, about our relationship with God. If we observe the Sabbath–God’s act of respect for creation–then we will find delight in the Lord.

If we take Lent seriously–here and now today–and pay greater attention to God and our neighbor then the Lord will pay greater attention to us. “The mouth of the Lord has spoken.”


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