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Sharing the Word for August 31, 2021

Tuesday of the Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

August 31, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6, 9-11
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The Thessalonians also wanted to learn from Paul the temporal details of the second coming. When would it happen?

Paul tells them that they don’t need to be concerned about things like that. All they need to know is that it will come, and that its coming will be unexpected–like the coming of a thief in the night. If believers pay no attention to the prospect of the Lord’s coming they will be caught by surprise.

Christians should be awake and attentive–alert in hope, confident in the conviction that God wants us to be saved and be with him. Believers dont need to be concerned about details of the calendar, but about the impact of the second coming on their daily behavior.

Nourishing Love: A Franciscan Celebration of Mary by Murray Bodo


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