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Sharing the Word for August 28, 2020

Memorial of Saint Augustine

August 28, 2020
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Matthew 25:1-13
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The parable of the virgins raises questions about watchfulness. First, why should we be watchful for the coming of the kingdom? Because if we aren’t the kingdom may become unimportant to us. The central reality of our existence–eternal life with Christ–can become just one more religious abstraction. Our lives will have no real direction.

Secondly, how should we watch for the coming of the kingdom? By putting our relationship with the Lord at the very center of our daily life here and now. Prayer, loving attention to our neighbor, consistent gratitude to God: all these are ways to keep ourselves aware that the Lord Jesus is on his way to judge the living and the dead.

Third question: how wakefully do I watch?

Prayer is powerful!


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