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Sharing the Word for August 21, 2020

Memorial of Saint Pius X

August 21, 2020
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Matthew 22:34-40
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To understand the great commandments we have to be clear about what love is.

Love is not sentiment or feeling. Love is willing and doing–willing and doing what is good for my neighbor and myself; willing and doing what God wants done for those he loves. If we don’t understand love we can’t properly observe the great commandments.

It’s also important to realize that those we are called to love are all deserving of the love we are called to give. God is not a faceless impersonal force but a loving father. Our neighbor is not just one more creature but a precious person. We ourselves are not just servants but God’s beloved children. We must love them all because they/we are all lovable.

Prayer is powerful!


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